Omega Scholarship

Every semester, Upsilon Kappa Delta awards the Omega Scholarship, an award for sorority members with at least a 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA who are striving in academic excellence and are actively pursuing a degree of higher education.

Spring 2017

Undergraduate recipient: BΩ1 Whitney Gonzalez

Graduate Recipient: ΔO3 Sandra Duarte

Fall 2016

Undergraduate recipient: ΔΡ2 Jennifer Gonzalez-Ramirez

Graduate recipient: AΨ2 Ana Hernandez Gonzalez

Spring 2016

Undergraduate recipient: ΔO3 Sandra Duarte

Graduate recipient: BΠ3 Marina Mantos

Fall 2015

Undergraduate recipient: ΓΦ2 Britza Macias

Graduate recipient: BN1 Ebony Virgle

Spring 2015

Undergraduate recipient: AΨ4 Elsa-Itzel López-Montaño

Graduate recipient: AT4 Mariah Flores

Fall 2014

AΦ2 Andrea Hernandez