Beta Chapter

San Diego State University



Established: April 24, 1998

Founding Mothers

  1. Amber “HIGH NRG” Anderson
  2. Mercedes “MD 20/20” Robles
  3. Sarahn “CATWALK” Marino
  4. Karina “BREATHLESS” Davidds
  5. Carolina “FUKIT” Salazar
  6. Jillian “COMPLEX” Torres
  7. Maribel “G STYLE” Romo
  8. Dana “3-D”Mangaña
  9. Xochitl “DA’FIRM” Rosales
  10. Patty “ECHO” Cardenas


In the spring semester Upsilon Kappa Delta Beta Chapter hosts a philanthropy week in which we dedicate a series of events to raise awareness to the Monarch School Program while simultaneously raising money for them. During this week we host our annual Sweethearts Auction, where we raffle off themed baskets created by our newest members. ΥΚΔ is also dedicated to participating in hands on work within the program by cooking dinner for the students and their extended families.


Community Service

One thing ΥΚΔ never forgets about is the community and the never ending needs for improvement and help. ΥΚΔ believes that in order to grow one must be willing to walk in the shoes of others and help those who may not be as fortunate. Our community service endeavors are used as stepping stones in becoming better leaders and well rounded ladies.


Facebook Page

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