Alpha Chapter

California State University, Chico11193336_632011990263766_6896950632821986521_n

Established:December 10, 1993

Founding Mothers

  1. Sonia “TURTO” Pantoja
  2. Michelle “MIKLA” Guerrero
  3. Elvia “THILLY WABBIT ” Torres
  4. Deanne “MONCHICHI” Berlanga
  5. Jessica “TINKER” Martinez
  6. Maria “BABS” Alvarez
  7. Lorena “TWEETY” Arteaga
  8. Nancy “CHAMPAIN” Espinoza
  9. Norma “LUK-EE” Mendieta
  10. Sorina “GUESS” Velasquez
  11. Connie “SONIC” Vargas
  12. Sarah “KIBBLER” Figueroa
  13. Jackeline “YOGI” Muñoz


The founders established our philanthropy, ‘helping children with special needs.’ Throughout the years that has meant many different things to us, from helping low income children, to children with autism. Every Spring we host a Kids Karnival for children with special needs and we have move forward and proud to welcome ALL children because all children’s needs are special!

Types of Community Service :


  • Alzheimer’s walk
  • Breast Cancer walk
  • Carnivals
  • Dodge ball tournaments
  • The trunk or treat
  • Spring Kids Karnival for children with special needs
  • NAKland


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Instagram Page: @chicostate_ukds

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