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On December 10, 1993, Upsilon Kappa Delta was established with one all-encompassing goal in mind: to be an example of the ideal multicultural sorority.

Our Founding Mothers chose to take a holistic approach in their efforts to create the ideal multicultural sorority. They realized that attracting and helping to establish well-rounded women was dependent upon three important ideas: enriching yourself, enriching each other, and enriching everyone else around you. Because of this, they founded UKD upon the three pillars of Academics, Sisterhood and Community Service.

Many people ask, “If Multiculturalism is so important to you, then why is it not one of your pillars?” The answer is simple. Our Founding Mothers felt that Multiculturalism should not be confined to a single facet of life. Since our establishment, UKD has strived to emphasize diversity (racially, ethnically, religiously and sexually) and to promote acceptance in ALL aspects of our organization, campus and local community.

UKD is a Sisterhood of differences and a Sisterhood of love, so it’s only natural that we learn to love our differences!