Letter of Support and Solidarity

Sylfaen and Pristina 2017 NBOD.jpg

As a multicultural sorority, Upsilon Kappa Delta focuses on exercising our widest influence for good, and being actively involved in supporting our global community. It is with that belief and our core values around education, service, sisterhood and multiculturalism that Upsilon Kappa Delta makes the following statement:


Upsilon Kappa Delta stands in support of all individuals affected by the Executive Orders signed on January 27th, 2017 by President Trump. The orders that bar and restrict immigration from a list of specific countries only do harm and they do not align with the values of our organization, nor do they align with the values upon which our nation was founded.


Upsilon Kappa Delta was founded on the importance of multicultural awareness and education within our membership and our communities. We celebrate, appreciate, and learn from the people that surround us. We know that through understanding the diversity of individuals and their experiences we are able to strengthen our sisterhood, our communities, and our society.


In a time of heightened fear, anxiety, anger and many more emotions, we want those affected to know that we stand with you, we are here to support you, and we value you and the story you carry.


We encourage our sisters and community members to utilize your voices, and share your experiences to help support those affected by the executive orders. There are numerous ways to show your support, whether it be calling elected officials to share your opinion, volunteering at a refugee community center, or attending a peaceful protest, your actions and thoughts matters to those around you.


We will continue to advocate for the unity of our communities during this hard time.

We will continue to share our knowledge with the world, in hopes of creating understanding.

We will continue to believe that it is our destiny to make this place better than how we found it.
We, the sisters of Upsilon Kappa Delta, will continue to be an organization that supports and advocates for those within our communities that are tired, silenced, marginalized and oppressed because we believe in the value and importance of all people.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact National Board President Marina Mantos at President@UpsilonKappaDelta.org

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